Learn About Incentive Programs Offered to Businesses in Wyandotte County!

4 Apr 2022


There are many federal, state, and local incentives that are offered to businesses in Wyandotte County! The Wyandotte Economic Development Council’s (WYEDC) mission is to help businesses in the region thrive and succeed. One of the ways that we do this is by sharing information on incentives and tax abatements for businesses. WYEDC can coordinate with any of the three communities in Wyandotte County, utility providers and the State of Kansas to ensure every incentive to lower your cost of business is available for projects meeting eligibility criteria.

Incentive Programs in Wyandotte Help Businesses Succeed

Among the incentives available in Wyandotte County include the use of Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRB) for property tax abatement, Electric Economic Development Rider (EDR), the Neighborhood Revitalization Area (NRA), Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Community Improvement District (CID), and Sales Tax and Revenue (STAR) Bonds. Click here to learn more about all of the incentive programs that Wyandotte County offers!

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