Wyandotte County: The Destination of Choice for Growing Companies

Wyandotte County is part of the Kansas City metro - home to over 2 million people, thriving companies, entrepreneurs and innovators. Companies like Urban Outfitters, Dairy Farmers of America and General Motors have made our county home and more businesses are joining them, investing over $6.1 billion since 2012.

Wyandotte Economic Development Council (WYEDC) is at the forefront of this growth. Our mission is to promote and strengthen Wyandotte County’s economy through innovative approaches to programs, partnerships, incentives and leadership in industrial, residential, office and retail markets. Our approach to economic development is all-encompassing because we know that when everyone is supported and given opportunities, we will rise together. That’s the DOTTE way and it’s working. We invite you to join us, to become part of something special and to build the future together. 

To read WYEDC’s 2022 Annual Impact, click here.