What is ‘On Your Mark’?

2 May 2022


Wyandotte County, KS, is moving forward as a community through ‘On Your Mark.’ The Wyandotte Economic Development Council’s (WYEDC) approach to improving the economy is all-encompassing. This gives everyone the support and opportunities to help their businesses succeed. This is ‘On Your Mark:’ rising together as a community to ensure every business’s success! 

On Your Mark Annual Report Available on WYEDC Website

The WYEDC has compiled a detailed report entitled, ‘On Your Mark,’ to showcase the success of this mission. This annual report entails comprehensive information on the county’s capital investments and programs for the year. The report is specifically for the Kansas side of the Kansas City Metro which includes the cities of Banner Springs, Edwardsville, and Kansas City. Click here to learn more about ‘On Your Mark,’ and what we are working toward today! 

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