Overcoming Transit Challenges: Wyandotte County, Kansas’s Path to Employment Access

Overcoming Transit Challenges: Wyandotte County, Kansas’s Path to Employment Access Main Photo

16 Nov 2023


Access to reliable and affordable transportation options is crucial for individuals seeking employment, and in Wyandotte County, Kansas, the Unified Government Transportation Department (UGT) plays a pivotal role in addressing transit-related challenges to job access.

In many areas nationwide, families can find it challenging to access gainful employment opportunities due to a lack of reasonably priced and dependable public transit options. The high costs and unreliability make it difficult for people to commute to work, maintain consistent employment, and improve their economic well-being.

UGT’s Approach to Transit Concerns

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas Transportation Department is taking proactive steps to address these transit challenges. One key initiative is the Comprehensive Service Analysis (CSA), conducted in partnership with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA).

UGT has enlisted a third-party firm to assess existing Wyandotte County public transportation services, focusing on current routes, schedules, gaps in service, and underserved areas. This analysis aims to identify options, scenarios, and service plans for improvement, including cost savings and enhanced efficiency. The CSA serves the dual purpose of positioning Wyandotte County for future growth and better serving the community’s needs.

Increasing the Focus on Moving People, Not Just Vehicles

Urban environments inherently contain elements of distance and seclusion, which impact the lives of most of the population. Since post-World War II development, state and local governments have tended to prioritize the development of infrastructure catering to automobiles, while public transportation remains inadequately funded and characterized by unreliability.

This emphasis on wide roads and extensive parking areas contributes to the distance between community amenities and significantly harms pedestrian mobility, especially in neighborhoods that may lack sidewalks. In today’s landscape, the prevalence of car-centric living has led to constraints on our ability to establish meaningful connections and foster community bonds.

In Wyandotte County, Kansas, the goDotte Strategic Mobility Plan is striving to reimagine mobility to focus on moving people and not just vehicles. The plan will ensure that future transportation investments support the community’s goals to improve the quality of life for the people who live, work, and play in Wyandotte County.

The goDotte plan integrates transportation and land use decision-making to develop a more sustainable network and will modernize transportation policy to respond to 21st-century challenges.

“For the last two generations, we have built our city around the automobile,” said Director of Planning & Urban Design Gunnar Hand, AICP. “The goDotte mobility planning process is our opportunity to have a county-wide conversation about creating a balanced and equitable transportation vision which will prepare us for current and future funding opportunities.”

Long-Term Goals of Addressing Transit-Related Issues in Wyandotte County, Kansas

The UGT’s vision for public transit in Wyandotte County, Kansas, is to expand mobility access throughout Wyandotte County by connecting various transportation services to fixed routes to connect the traveling public to jobs, educational institutions, and resources.

The ultimate goals of UGT’s vision include:

  • Provide an equitable transportation system to increase workforce opportunities to boost Wyandotte County’s growing economy. 
  • Increase access for low-income commuters who do not have access to costly vehicles for transportation to and from their jobs. 
  • Improve community mobility by providing interconnect transit options that help individuals move around the region, regardless of location or personal mobility constraints.

Unified Government Transportation is Paving the Road for Transit Success in Wyandotte County, Kansas

UGT takes a community-centric approach, tailoring services to the specific needs of Wyandotte County residents. The GoDotte Strategic Mobility Plan underlines their commitment to improving the quality of life for residents and reimagining transportation for the 21st century. For more information on UGT and its services, visit the Unified Government Transportation Department website.

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